Our Story

Simplifying Our Diets

During covid, my brother and I started switching our diets to foods that were less processed, had fewer artificial ingredients, and simpler names. We were eating clean, whole foods and felt great.

But we were still drinking a pre-workout drink that was 'Merica Rocket Pop' flavored and loaded with artificial flavorings because it helped us have a much better lift.

We felt guilty, but we couldn't find something that was healthier, yet just as effective.

Searching For Alternatives

I began searching everywhere for the cleanest, most natural pre-workout that I could put in my body.

That's where I learned that raw honey was a perfect pre-workout fuel due to its simple carbohydrates that provide your body energy, without causing digestive issues.

Experimenting With Raw Honey

We began testing the raw honey at the gym as our pre-workout alternative and we felt we had energy, but we felt we were missing that extra gear.

That extra gear from our pre-workout was caffeine. So, we had the idea to mix some natural caffeine into our honey before our lifts. The results we had blew us away.

Perfecting The Formula

We began experimenting with other natural ingredients such as cordyceps, beetroot, rhodiola, guarana, matcha, and more to see how they affected our performance and the taste.

After 100+ tests, we settled on a simple formula that gave us the pump we were looking for and still tasted amazing.

SuperCharged Honey

We found 4 simple & natural ingredients that gave us everything we wanted in a pre-workout, and we stripped away everything else.

  • Raw honey - fuel
  • Pink Salt - hydration
  • Natural Caffeine - power
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom - focus